About Us

Our founder, Brenda Combs, grew up with adventure in her heart. Her Mother and Father, three sisters and three brothers, traveled by car to areas within California and the United States. Sometimes to visit relatives other times just to explore the people and places. From these beginnings the desire was born to have adventures and to learn about others. When you travel you experience the people, sights, sounds, food, and smells.

Our owner loves fragrances and often would purchase, as a keep sake, something scented to remind herself of a particular vacation. At Sensory Flight we share our experiences from our travels and now we're bringing our shared sensory adventures to you.

 • We believe a sensory bath experience can and should be relaxing.
 • We believe knowing about different cultures enhances your life.

We hope our products will inspire you to have your own adventures and to explore cities, states, and other countries.

Sensory Flight ... Scents that inspire you to travel.